An Emergency Water Shut Off That Stops Water At The Well Pump

Why You Should Include An Emergency Water Shut Off When Installing A Water Well

Include An Emergency Water Shut Off When Installing A Water Well

Flooding and water damage is dangerous and a costly expense. Flooding can damage not only treasured family possessions, but it can destroy flooring, furniture, and can even lead to structural damage or cause difficult to remove mold, which can be dangerous to your family's health.

Flooding isn't always caused by natural forces like storms or heavy rain. Flooding can also occur when an element of your homes water system fails, leaks or malfunctions. This is particularly the case if you receive your water from a private well. Fixing the problems that can come from just a single inch of water in your basement can costs you thousands of dollars!

Leak Detection Systems and Water Shut Off Valves

An automatic water shut off valve can control a single water like for example, your dishwasher, or your entire home's water supply by shutting water flow to the line entering your home. They are triggered by a water sensor that is placed on the floor near the appliance to detect leaks near appliances that use water, for example, the refrigerator, ice machine, washing machine, toilet or dishwasher.

A water leak prevention system can monitor your water lines 24/7/365 and in the event of a problem, stop the water flow before severe damage can occur. There are a variety of devices available, so you need to do some research before you buy. Some rely on water shut off valves that are prone to failure, rendering them useless. Look for a modern plug and play device. These are easily installed on any system, old or new and do not require external power to operate; this can be especially important in the event a storm knocks out power to your house.

TEC Innovators

One unique system that is new is made by a company called TEC Innovators. Their Leak Defender systems stop the water source from your well pumping system or municipal water source in the event a leak occurs at the well tank, manifold or any related water use system. The system works by shutting power at the pump in the event that a leak is detected in your water system. It's powered by the well pump power, so no other external power source is needed.

There are other systems available that work in a similar way, but use water shut off valves to stop water flow. While these are effective, a single valve failure at any appliance can render the system useless. The best solution is to discuss your options with your well water professional. They can offer expert advice on the best system for your particular needs and the costs involved with installation.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don't install a water shut off system until after a leak occurs and the damage is done. Some homeowners think that because they have a new home and a new well system that they have plenty of time, or that a leak just won't happen. The fact is that studies have shown 98% of basement wells will have a leak at some point in their lifetime.

Water Shut Off Systems Can Prevent Black Mold and Other Problems

While it can be emotionally devastating to lose treasured family valuables, it's the long-term problems that flooding can cause that can lead to ongoing and costly problems for homeowners. It only takes one inch of water to create the ideal conditions for black mold to flourish. Once established, mold can be difficult to mitigate, and they can cause serious health risks for your family.

People who have compromised respiratory systems, like asthma the effects can be more serious. For some, mold spores can even cause pneumonia-like inflammation of the lungs and other more serious illnesses. Even without the health risks, mold can be challenging and costly to remove. Your home can develop a musty smell that's hard to remove. You may also need to replace flooring, drywall, and even then the smell may persist.

When you look at the hassle and costs associated with flooding, installing a water shut off system is a smart preventative measure. It can protect the value of your home by never having to disclose a flooding or mold problem when you sell, and your family from the adverse effects of black mold.

The time to install a system is before you have a problem! If you have any questions about a water leak detection system, give the highly trained and knowledgeable staff at Skillings and Sons a call. We're always here to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.