Can You Drill A Water Well In New Hampshire in Winter?

Drilling a Water Well In Winter

Drilling a Water Well In NH In The Winter

Here at Skillings & Sons, one question we often hear from our customers is “can you drill a water well in winter?” The short answer is absolutely! As a New Hampshire based drilling company, we're more than equipped to drill in winter. In fact, the hard frozen ground isn't much different than drilling through bedrock which is a common geological condition especially here in New England.

Placing and drilling your water well is one of the first steps in the building process. Often while the ground may be frozen and not conducive to digging a foundation, we can often come in before construction begins to place and dig your well. In fact, digging in the cold is often easier and safer than waiting until spring when the muddy, slippery and unstable ground can put the safety of workers and equipment at risk.

Whether your project is new construction, water well replacement or a remodel, you don't have to wait until spring to begin digging your water well. Winter can be a great time to undertake this project, in fact, here are three solid reasons to drill right now!

• Beat the Rush

Spring, summer, and fall are the busy times for construction crews, water well professionals and environmental companies. While some building processes need to wait until spring and warmer weather, drilling isn't one of them. If you schedule your well drilling during the winter, chances are you can get the job done quickly, without a long wait.

• Cold Weather Makes For A Cleaner Construction Site

Winter in New England offers some benefits when it comes to drilling. Along with faster service, your water well professional can drill on solid ground. Cold weather means no mud, no mess and is a great way to avoid damaging your grass and landscaping.

• When the Warm Up Comes, You're Ready Drill a Water Well

As soon as drilling and construction are complete, your water is ready to be hooked up and water is immediately accessible. This is a big bonus for new construction. Having your water ready to go means that your contractor won't have to haul water to the site. That means no time lost, less energy spent, and the result is lower costs!

At Skillings & Sons, we're experts in the construction, placement, and delivery of new water wells. If you've been considering adding a new well to your property, replacing a failing well, or planning on spring construction for your new home, winter is the perfect time to place, drill and construct your well.

If you'd like to learn more, give the experts at Skillings & Sons a call. We can help you choose the perfect site for your well, and explain the drilling and construction process. Winter is a great time to schedule water well work. Call Skillings & Sons today and let's get the ball rolling on your new water well!