Learn The Benefits of Installing a Residential Water Well

What Are The Advantages of A Water Well?

What are the advantages of a residential water well?

Well, Flint, MI comes to mind.

Whether you're enjoying a cold crisp glass of water or running the sprinkler to water your garden, there are many benefits for receiving your water from a private well as opposed to a municipal water system. 

Today, more than 42 million people in the U.S. use private wells for their water supply.

When you receive your water from a well you have an increased level of freedom, reliability, and independence. Of course, it is your responsibility to maintain the quality and safety of your water and your water system. While there is some cost involved in maintaining your water system, private wells generally deliver water at a considerably lower cost than municipal systems.

As we all seek to cut back on costs and work together to protect the environment, private wells offer a viable solution to both of these concerns. Of course building a well is definitely an investment, but it's an investment with a guaranteed return and many benefits. Here are just a few of the advantages...

Better Health and Lower Costs with a Residential Water Well

There is an initial cost to building a residential water well but the upside is once, in place, you no longer have to deal with that monthly water bill. Owning a private well means no more municipal usage fees. Many states and the federal government actually offer significant tax credits options for homeowners who have a well installed on their property to help defray the initial costs.

While you do need to do annual testing to ensure the safety of your well, any issues with contaminants are relatively easy to remedy with affordable whole house water treatment systems. As a general rule, however, most of the time your water will be cleaner and safer than public water.

Public water is typically treated with chlorine, fluoride, and other harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. Well, water is naturally filtered during the process of water traveling through soil and rock into your aquifer. That means with a private residential water well you get all the health benefits of clean pure water without the harsh chemical additives.

As an added bonus, well water tastes better right out of the tap than municipal water. Ask anyone who owns a well! That's because like filtering, it is naturally softened. Because it is natural and there are no chemicals involved, well water tastes better than chemically treated municipal water.

Increased Property Values While Providing Environmental Benefits

Another real benefit of a private residential water well is that it is an attractive feature to potential buyers. In fact, often a residential well will increase the value of your property. If you have a well and your water system is in good operating condition, a self-sufficient water supply will allow you to increase the asking price of your home when you put it on the market for sale.

Finally, there are the environmental benefits of a private well to consider. In a private well the water is naturally filtered by the earth, which removes harmful contaminants naturally before the water is release into the aquifer. As a result, its much better on the environment than chemically treated municipal water. All of those chemicals have to go somewhere. With naturally filtered well water the minerals in your water are natural, healthy and because no chemicals are used, environmentally friendly.

Most of the time, any contaminants or problems you may have with your well can be easily remedied by a qualified well water professional. If you live in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, the professionals at Skillings and Sons are dedicated to serving all of your water needs. From well drilling and maintenance to testing and water treatment systems, Skillings and Sons can offer you professional advice, great customer service and affordable solutions to meet any of your well water needs. Give us a call at 1 (800) 441-6281. We're here to help!