The Return On Investment of an Irrigation Well

How Irrigation Wells Save Money

How Irrigation Wells Save Money

Once you have an irrigation well, it is less expensive to operate than town water. Why is this? Here's the math!

The Cost to Operate an Irrigation Well

Most irrigation systems run for about 3 hours a day. The typical well pump cost 12 cents an hour to operate. A 1hp pump draws 750 watts per/hr. The average price for one kilowatt (1000watts) is 15 cents. This calculates to 36 cents a day or $10.80 a month.

The Cost To Use Town Water

Town water is about $3.00 for 100 cubic feet (750 gallons). During the three hours a day, the common water requirement is 1800 gallons. Yes, that is right! That cost $7.20 a day or $216.00 a month. That difference is a no brainer.

Arent Wells Expensive?

Let's break down the return on the investment for drilling the well. A well cost on the average about $7000.00. Saving $200.00 per/month on your town water cost for six months equals $1200.00 a year. That means the payback is just about six years.

What about the pump replacement?

A well pump should last 20 years or more, but not all do. The average is 15 years. So let's calculate that average. A replacement today is about $1200.00. That equals $80.00 a year. So we need to add $80 to $1200 for a total of $1280. You're still looking at a seven-year payback even when you add the first well pump replacement.

The icing on the cake?

The other benefit is that you can continue to water your lawn under municipal water bans. This means that the cost and effort of growing a lawn will not disappear at the first draught, and your lawn will be green when others around you have turned brown. 
This is why it makes sense to drill an irrigation well. Skillings & Sons, Inc. are the well water experts. Contact us at 1-800-441-6281 with any questions you may have on irrigation wells, water quality, and pressure issues or geothermal. We're here to provide you professional service you can count on.