Water Quality Association Provides Free For Dummies Book

Learn About Residential Water Quality With Water Treatment For Dummies

Maintaining your home's water quality is an important aspect of keeping your family safe and in good health. That's why we're offering a free download of “Water Treatment for Dummies: WQA Special Edition” to consumers. This is a special consumer-directed book designed to answer common questions about the quality of water in your home or business.

It's an easy read, under 50 pages and written in simple to understand language that will give you a basic understanding of how to identify and remedy water problems in a simple cost-effective way. With this book, you can learn about options and tools for finding the right products and professionals to solve quality issues.

The Booklet addresses everything from how water gets to homes, to tips for properly maintaining a water softener. It explains filtration options such as point-of-use systems and whole house treatment. It also provides a dozen questions to ask your sell water professional before installing a water treatment system.

Chapters Include:

Chapter 1: What is Water Anyway?

Explains where your water comes from and how it gets to your home or business. Offers tips for counting gallons and a bottom line for calculating the cost of your water.

Chapter 2: Benefits of Good Water Quality

This chapter covers keeping healthy, maintaining your appliances for efficient water use, listening to the EPA and way to ensure that your water is clean.

Chapter 3: What's in Your Water?

This chapter goes into understanding water purity and diagnosing your water quality. It also examines various contaminants and the regulations governing safe water.

Chapter 4: Finding the Right Water Treatment Products

Covers way to solve any problems you may have with your water quality and how to find the right professionals and products to resolve issues. It also takes a look at “green” treatment options.

Chapter 5: (More Than) Ten Questions to Ask a Water Quality Professional

This chapter gives you a starting point for vetting water professionals by providing questions to ask prior to signing a contract.

This book is a great way to build your understanding of what your options are when it comes to maintaining the quality of your water supply. It's an easy read that will help you to understand common water quality problems, offers information on the latest treatment technologies, and can help you to find the right professional partner to solve any problems you might find.

Regular well water quality testing is very important. Government agencies in New Hampshire or at the federal level do not regulate water quality from private wells. Many common contaminants such as radon or arsenic have no taste or odor, making it difficult for homeowners to know if their well water is contaminated.  At Skillings and Sons, the health of our customer's water supply is our major concern. That's why we're making our customers aware of this Water Quality Association book. If you're considering a water treatment system, or just have questions, feel free to give us a call anytime at 1-800-441-6281! We're always ready to help.