Well Water Treatment Sand and Sediment Problems

The last thing you want to see when you pour water from the tap is tiny particles floating in the glass. There are various causes for sand and sediment in a water supply. Knowing how it got there will help you decide the best method to remove it.

Causes of Particles In Well Water

 If you recently dug a well for home use, there are likely particles remaining that can be flushed out over time. If your well is not new, sediment and sand can also get into water if the well is defective or the soil conditions above the bedrock fractures are unstable, causing fine particles to leach into the water.
Some sediment or sand could also come from dissolved minerals in the water. Minerals commonly found in New England wells can be removed through filters and water softeners.

Sand & Sediment Treatment Options

 If the cause is a defective well or poor soil conditions, it can be difficult and costly to determine the exact spot of the contamination, let alone fix it. There are some seal and filter options you can discuss with our technicians.
To reduce costs, homeowners often opt for less expensive in-home removal options.

A sand filter removal device will strain sand and sediment particles from the well water before heading to the faucet. A centrifuge sand removal device takes in the well water, spins it within the device, moving the sand particles out through centrifugal force. While inexpensive, it increases energy costs and may not remove all clay-sized particles, which are smaller than sand.

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