Well Deepening to Increase Flow Rate

If you have a drilled bedrock well and the flow rate is less than the required minimum yield, or your well has run dry, your well may be a candidate for deepening.

What is well deepening?

Well deepening is the act of re-drilling an existing well. It creates storage space for water within the well. It can improve the well performance and will help create additional water yield. A water well is able to hold a gallon and a half of water per linear foot. Deepening the well will create more storage space.

Benefits of Well Deepening:

Deepening provides a drought-resistant water supply.
More storage space equals more water in the well.
In some cases deepening a water well may be less expensive than drilling a new well.
Water well deepening may create additional water yield.
Fluctuation of the water table can be helped by deepening a water well