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Today we know that lead poisoning poses a real threat to our families and especially our children. In years past, the health risks of consuming small amounts of lead were not fully understood. That's why so many well systems and much of our plumbing utilized lead. After many years of study it has become apparent that lead poisoning is a real problem, especially in construction that was built before new federal guidelines concerning lead components.

Water is an essential element of life. We need clean drinking water to stay alive, and use water in every facet of daily life, from food preparation to sanitation, to hygiene. The purity and safety of our drinking water supply is crucial to maintaining good health. 17% of the world’s population uses water from unprotected sources, 32% use water obtained from protected sources and 51% use water provided by municipalities that are delivered to the home.

Residents of Massachusetts can now rejoice at the availability of geothermal tax credits designed to save them money by investing in geothermal technologies for their homes. While the initial cost of drilling a geothermal well and installing a heat pump can seem hard to swallow, the truth is that you can expect to see up to 30% of your money come back in the form of federal and state-level tax credits, and the remainder of your money will be returned as you can expect to cut your power bill drastically each and every month. 

As a homeowner, if you receive your potable water from a water well, it falls on you to protect the quality of your water source.This includes maintaining your water system, pump, plumbing, and any other related items within your system. Backflow is an issue that if not addressed, can result in unintentional contamination of your water source.