A Well Water Shut Off Can Save You Thousands on Repairs

Flooding in your basements will not only damage valuable items, it can also destroy flooring and furniture in finished basements, lead to structural damage in your home and cause mold infestations that are difficult to remove. Basement flooding isn’t always the result of a heavy rain. Flooding can also result from leaks and malfunctions in your home’s water system, especially for homeowners with a basement and water well. Fixing the long list of problems that can come from even an inch of water in your basement can cost homeowners thousands of dollars.

Leak Detection Systems Shut Off The Power To Your Well Pump

One way to prevent leaks and flooding from your water system is by installing a water leak detection system otherwise known as a water shut off valve. These handy devices shut off the flow of water when a leak is detected. Because most homeowners aren’t checking their well water system for leaks regularly, a water leak detection system can do the monitoring for you, preventing costly leaks, flooding and water damage before it starts causing damage.

There are a variety of water leak detection systems available, but homeowners should be wary of the brand they buy. Some rely on shutoff valves which are prone to failing and render the installed system useless. Homeowners should look for a modern plug and play device. These can be easily installed to any new or old pump system and do not require an external power source. The greatest benefit is that instead of using a shutoff valve to stop water flow, the system stops the power source at the pump – a more reliable method. Some brands even have wireless capabilities that can communicate to home security systems, letting you know when you are home or away if there is a water leak.

We see too often that homeowners don’t install one of these systems until a leak has already occurred and the damage is already done. Some homeowners may think, I have a new home and a new well system. Leaks won’t happen to me. However, studies show that 98% of basement wells will have a leak at some point.

Leak Detection And Shut Off Systems Prevent Deadly Black Mold

While the loss in property can be devastating, it’s the long-term potential for a mold infestation that will often lead to costly repairs and many headaches for homeowners. It only takes an inch of water to create the right conditions for mold to flourish. Once water has set in, mold will begin to grow in the corner of the room. Spores will develop not only causing the mold to spread, but also cause serious health concerns.

Between 10-20% of the US population is allergic to mold spores. Some may only have common, non-threatening allergic reactions, like irritation to the eyes, nose, skin and airway. But for those people who have compromised respiratory systems, such as a person who has asthma, the effects can be much more serious and the spores could trigger an attack very quickly. For some, mold spores can even cause pneumonia-like inflammation of the lungs and other serious illnesses.

Even for homeowners without health risks, flooded basements that become infested with mold can be a nuisance. These rooms will develop a very undesirable musty odor and once it takes hold, it can be very difficult and costly to remove. Carpets and drywall will need to be removed and even then the smell may persist. Hiring professionals to do the work can cost up to $4,000.

A quick look at the hassle and cost that come with a flooded basement, it makes sense to install a water leak detection system. It will protect the value of your home by never having to disclose a flood or mold problem when you sell, and your family from the negative health effects of black mold.

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