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Prevent basement flooding by having Skillings and Sons install a backwater valve. A backflow preventer will stop a flood from getting into your cellar.

  • Flooding in your basements will not only damage valuable items, it can also destroy flooring and furniture in finished basements, lead to structural damage in your home and cause mold infestations that are difficult to remove. Basement flooding isn’t always the result of a heavy rain. Flooding can also result from leaks and malfunctions in your home’s water system, especially for homeowners with a basement and water well. Fixing the long list of problems that can come from even an inch of water in your basement can cost homeowners thousands of dollars.

A backflow preventer installed by the experts at Skillings and Sons keeps sewer water out of your basement even when pressure in the pipes builds up. Backwater valves are designed to close when you need them to, preventing any water from flooding your basement.