A Whole House, Water Filter System Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Do you have difficulties with the water quality in your home? Does your tap water taste strange, or have a bad odor? Some of your household fixtures may have blue and green or brown and black staining or orange and brown staining in your laundry. Some homes deal with a rotten-egg smell from water sources, or sediment and calcium build up on faucets and fixtures. Water treatment is the solution to water quality problems.


All of these are symptoms of low water quality and could be indicators of even worse issues in your homes water supply. Arsenic is an odorless and tasteless semi-metal element that is detected in 20% of New England homes. This can create possibly dangerous situations for anyone drinking or using the water in your home, whether you are using wells or the cities water supply. Other contaminants can flow into the water supply from water run off from rain, sleet or snow, seeping through the ground and into your water supply, with over 89% of water supply systems drawing from water found underground with rock, sand, and gravel contaminants.


Water Treatment Options


There are different ways of dealing with these problems. First of all, you should look into testing your water supply, by contacting the Department of Health and Human Services, which can help you find out the quality of your water. Secondly, if you do find that your water supply is lacking in quality, you might consider installing a whole house water filtration system.


Whole House Water Treatment


One of the clear benefits of a whole house water filtration system is that it provides cleaner tasting water, however, that is far from the only benefit. Installing a whole house water filtration system can reduce chlorine taste and saturation, as well as chlorine odors from your bath and shower, which can have benefits for your skin and hair.


A whole house water filtration system lower the amount of sediment in the water, thus reducing damage on water lines and appliances. Having a whole house water filtration system can significantly reduce maintenance costs, to the extent that it can pay for itself with it's savings. A whole house water filtration system protects all sources of water within the home, protects all appliances and faucets connected to your water supply and it protects your family. These benefits can apply equally to homes which receive their water from well sources as well as city water. 


If you are interested in a water treatment system, contact  Skillings and Sons, Inc. to speak to the experts about options for filtration systems in your home and receive information about testing your water supply.