Frequently Asked Questions On Residential Geothermal Systems

In some aspects, geothermal energy is a fairly recent innovation, particularly where residential homes and small businesses are concerned.  With this alternative energy source making moves across the world, technology is allowing for wider-scale production by utilizing smaller and smaller systems.  As with any newer innovation, it's natural for questions to come about. 

"What Is Geothermal Energy?"  

In short, this is energy that is produced from within the earth.  It is a renewable energy, as the constant process of decay and change that occurs beneath the earth's surface continuously provides the source of heat, which is the basis for this form of energy.

With so many people going green these days, the popularity of alternative energy is becoming increasingly common, as well.  With this, many people want to know what benefits can be had by using geothermal energy in a home or business.  

This list is far from short, but the following are some of the top reasons that people are starting to opt for this energy source more and more frequently:

The energy is clean, which gives homeowners the power to heat and cool their homes while leaving little to no impact on the environment.

The source of the power is a local product.  Whether the energy is generated in a large power facility or a residential system is buried into a home's yard, the power source is literally in the homeowner's backyard, in one way or another.  This means a significant reduction on dependence on foreign fuels and energy sources.

Geothermal energy is not dependent on outside temperatures.  Unlike its alternative energy counterparts, air temperature and sunlight have no effect on these systems.  The temperature underground remains relatively constant, around fifty degrees, which means that it's easier for it to heat or cool the temperature of the home for which it's responsible.

One common misconception of geothermal energy is that it can only be utilized in places that are located on or near volcanic activity, as the underground energy there produces significant amounts of heat, which, in turn, can produce a significant amount of energy.  

Can geothermal energy be created in places that do not contain significant underground heat?

Absolutely!  Although volcanic systems offer a great source from which to derive energy, homes all around the United States, and all over the world, can incorporate geothermal energy by incorporating heat pumps that help to heat or cool the water beneath the earth, depending on the season.  The final product is a comfortable air in the home that is supplied by a renewable and efficient energy source.

Tax incentives are also offered by the government, meaning that the money savings don't stop at installation.

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