Geothermal is Efficient Green Energy for Your Home

Anyone who has experienced sky-high heating bills in the winter and fears the time when the summer heat means the air conditioner will be running for most or all of the day will likely understand the benefits that can be enjoyed when a consistent energy system is installed in their home or business.

Geothermal energy is one of the most consistent and energy efficient resources that can provide heating, cooling, and even hot water to commercial and residential establishments.  Because this type of energy is primarily dependent on the energy found within the earth, these underground systems can be installed in many places and provide excellent energy to a variety of dwelling types.

Geothermal energy systems differ from other options because temperature is modified and maintained via loops and pipes that are placed underground.  While air temperature is obviously variable depending on the time of day, time of year, and location of the property, the temperature beneath the ground generally stays around 50 or 60 degrees regardless of what's going on above.  This variation of energy origination is one of the main reasons that homeowners who use traditional energy often see large fluctuations in usage (and cost) between seasons and even times of day, whereas homeowners who utilize a geothermal exchange system generally know what to expect their bills to be each month.

Save Money With Geothermal

The cost savings of geothermal systems are certainly a huge benefit for homeowners, but that isn't the only opportunity that can be realized from the installation of such systems.  Because the energy is derived from the earth, it is efficiently delivered to the homes and businesses for which it the system is designated via a process that utilizes water in and around the underground pipes.  This process allows minimal to no fossil fuels to be necessary during energy production.  Clean energy that is produced, literally, in a homeowner's backyard not only means a reduced dependence on fossil fuels, but this method lends itself to clean air inside the home that it is responsible for cooling and heating.

How does the phrase "energy efficient" translate to a homeowner's monthly or annual energy bills?  This environmentally friendly system has the ability to cut energy consumption by 20 to 50%, which translates into a monetary savings in a relatively equal range.  The cost to operate geothermal exchange systems is low, and because these systems require very little attention, costs which would otherwise be spent on maintenance become savings, as well.

Geothermal exchange systems are so energy efficient, in fact, that the federal government offers incentives for utilizing such devices via a tax credit, which can save homeowners of qualified systems 30% with no upper limit.

A reduction on environmental impact as well as a reduction in monthly and annual energy bills make these systems desirable.

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