How Do I Get More Water Pressure from My Water Well

Can a MonoDrive Constant Pressure System Solve Your Water Pressure Problems?

Low water pressure is a common problem for homeowners with a well, but it’s not a problem they have to put up with. There are many reasons for low water pressure; some can be resolved with a simple, low-cost fix, while others require significant work and money. The professionals at Skillings & Sons are experts at troubleshooting the causes of low water pressure. If you know for sure that low pressure is the problem, there are some easy fixes you can do to get the water flowing better.

Homeowners should understand, however, that increasing the water pressure when low water pressure is not the cause can damage a home water system and enhance the likelihood of a catastrophic water system failure. That is why we advise our customers with water pressure concerns to get a consultation from a professional first before taking any action.

What Causes Low Water Pressure From My Well?

If you’re noticing that the water isn’t coming from the faucet or showerhead as forcefully as it once did, it’s likely a drop in pressure. This can result from a drought or periods of heavy water usage. Lower water pressure can also happen after building a home addition that includes an additional kitchen or bathroom, or installing a new irrigation system.

Sometimes what seems like low water pressure is low water volume, where less water is getting through the pipes than had been flowing previously. This can be caused by clogged pipes or a problem with your well or well pump. In these cases, adding water pressure will not help the problem in the long term and can lead to water system damage.

If the problem is water pressure, then installing a constant pressure system is a good solution. A constant pressure system is installed in your basement on the line where the water enters your home. As its name suggests, it keeps the water pressure constant as different faucets and appliances are being used, changing the speed of your water pump as demand increases or decreases.


A constant pressure system allows homeowners to take a shower, wash the dishes and water the lawn all at the same time without one of the faucets being reduced to a trickle. Here are some other benefits you may notice with a new constant pressure system:

• Eliminate the need to limit water usage
• Prevent lags in water pressure that causes many appliances such as showers and sinks to sputter when water usage fluctuates
• Allow your appliances to work more efficiently – extending their life
• No more quick showers due to limited pressure
• Water your grass whenever you want to

Skillings & Sons recommends the MonoDrive constant pressure system by Franklin Electric, which provides customers with city-like water pressure from their home well. With installation comes 365-days a year emergency service. Our customers have been so pleased with this product; we’ve begun offering a full guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the MonoDrive system, we will remove it at no charge to you.


Homeowners may be able to turn up their water pressure by simply adjusting their pressure tank. These tanks have gauges which tell the homeowner how much pressure is behind the water flowing through the pipes. If this is below 40 psi, the pressure will have to be adjusted.

Skillings & Sons can offer advice on how to adjust your pressure tank, as well as examine any other problems. Remember, increasing water pressure when it isn’t needed can cause bigger problems than just low water flow in the shower.