Hydrofracking for Well Water - Get The Facts

For Decades, New Englanders have relied upon Skillings and Sons, Inc. for hydraulic fracturing to drill for new water wells and to extend the life of existing water wells that are under producing. Hydrofracking or "fracking" as it is known, has been in the press a lot lately because of its use in the natural gas industry.


Water well fracking is safe and uses a different approach

The benefits of hydrofracturing a water well include...


•    Increasing the output of existing water wells that are not producing adequate amounts of water
•    Frees the well owner from the alternative of having to ship in water supplies
•    Eliminates the need to drill several well holes in hopes of finding water.

What will hydraulic fracturing accomplish? Older water wells that are producing inadequate water output will get an almost immediate and guaranteed increase in water flow. 


Well owners are able to continue to enjoy an abundant water supply without needing to hire a shipping company to regularly replenish their water. 


Hydraulic fracturing for well water spares the well owner from the hit or miss process of blindly drilling well hole after well hole in pursuit of water.


Well owners enjoy something that the majority of city dwellers will never experience, independence of water supply. This freedom from municipal water supplies gives the homeowner control over testing and frees them from the ingestion of additives such as contaminants, fluoride, and chlorine. 


Contract with Skillings and Sons to experience the thrill of owning an independent water well that delivers all of the water that your family needs. Nothing beats being an independent water well owner. The thrill comes with the enjoyment of an adequate and predictable supply of clean, potable water that is practically free.

Water well owners that drill new water wells or extend the life of their existing wells with Skillings and Sons' hydraulic fracturing services can benefit from what are often lower overall costs for their private wells' water over that of municipal water suppliers. 


What is Hydraulic Fracturing?

That is the method of pumping highly pressurized water into the ground in order to open up new veins of water for new or existing water wells. 


The crucial differences between what is hydraulic fracturing done to obtain natural gas and what is hydraulic fracturing done for your potable well water are-


•    In natural gas extraction, the water pressure used by the gas industry is thousands of pounds per square inch higher than that used by Skillings & Sons to improve your private well's water flow
•    The amount of water used by the gas industry is MILLIONS of gallons more per job than that used to enhance the water supply of your smaller private well
•    The goal for the gas industry is to increase their ability to extract massive amounts of oil and gas, Skilling & Sons only aims to supply your family with clean, pure drinking water
•    The gas industry uses proppants, substances that are used to hold up the new veins in the earth that they open up beneath the ground to extract the natural gas. Their procedure often involves the use of toxic chemicals. Skillings & Sons never uses proppants of any kind. Only chemicals that are approved for use in potable water will ever be used.

It is an untenable position to be without fresh water for one's family. It's avoided by hiring Skillings & Sons, Inc. to employ their environmentally safe and practical version of what is hydraulic fracturing.


Secure an ample well water supply with safe and reliable hydrofracking. Contact the water well professionals at Skillings & Sons, Inc.