Leak Detection Systems Prevent Flooded Basements and Black Mold

Studies have shown that 98% of all basement well owners will suffer from a basement leak at some point. If the leak is not detected early enough you could end up with a flooded basement. A flooded basement can cause structural damage to a home and destroy the contents such as furniture, decorations and prized possessions. If you have a well for water service, a leak detection system is your best early warning system to prevent catastrophic damage to your home and prevent health problems that can come from inhaling black mold.

One of the more common long-term effects of a flooded basement is mold build up. It only takes an inch of water to have the necessary humidity in such a compact space to allow mold to flourish. Once the mold has taken a hold in the room – your health could be at risk.

Mold starts by cultivating in a corner of the room, eventually, the mold will release tiny spores that float around in the air. These spores are then breathed in, enter the eyes or accumulate on the skin.

Between 10 and 20% of the US population is allergic to mold spores. These individuals may only experience irritation to the eyes, nose, skin and airway which is not pleasant but the irritation is not an immediate life-threatening emergency. However to a person who has asthma; the effects can be much more serious and the spores could trigger an attack very quickly.

Those with respiratory or immune comprised conditions, the mold can be very serious. Once into the system; the mold spores could cause more serious illnesses such as pneumonia-like inflammation of the lungs.

Of course, health concerns are not the only issue that you may face. Flooded basements that have become infested with mold will also develop a very undesirable musty odor. Once this has taken hold within the room, it can be very hard and costly to remove.

It's possible for homeowners to remove a mold infestation themselves but it is often times ineffective. The cost of the cleaning equipment and protective clothing can be about $120 - $150 but keep in mind you may need to tear up carpet and replace wet drywall to ensure the problem is solved. It is best once the room is clean to re-paint it using a mold resistant undercoat. These paints be fairly expensive; but if you've missed any spores or They've gotten into the air conditioning system - you will have to repeat the process again.

Serious mold infestations require specialist treatment. Specialist companies can charge anything from $500 to $4000. Adding to that the cost of pumping out water from the flooded basement and you could end up with a large bill.

Instead you should perhaps think of ways to limit chance of a flooded basement. One way of doing this is to install a water leak detection system. These handy devices shut off the flow of water when a leak is detected. The advantages of such a system are obvious. No flooding in the basement will prevent mold which is better for the health of your family. Yet most homeowners will only install such a device once a leak has occurred - when it is too late.

There are many water leak detection systems available. However most rely on shutoff valves which are prone to failing and render the installed system useless.

The current water leak detection system's are different. The plug and play device can be easily be installed to any new or old pump system and does not require an external power source. The greatest benefit is that instead of using a shutoff valve to stop water flow, the system stops the power source at the pump – a more reliable method. 

If you would like more information about this device to stop basement flooding, you can contact Skillings and Sons, LLC at 1 (800) 441-6281 to answer any questions or to order yours before you experience a leak. We install Tec Innovators leak detection systems for residential homeowners.