Residential Geothermal Systems are Catching On Worldwide

There is a common misconception that using geothermal energy to heat your home is only applicable in places where volcanic lava flows beneath the earth's surface. Ground water heat pumps can be used to tap the piles of earth's energy to heat water anywhere. With the cold winters here in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, residential geothermal is an obvious heat source.

Geothermal heating systems are growing in popularity internationally because it saves money and is environmentally friendly. Across the world, geothermal energy is being utilized on a large and small scale to heat and cool residential homes and businesses in places that are far from dependent on volcanic activity.

Countries and cities the world over have started to take notice of the benefits that can be obtained from this type of energy.  In some places, large plants are being built to provide many citizens with green energy that's cost-effective.  In other areas of the world, small businesses are refining the process of installing these systems on a per-home or per-business basis.  In either case, the winds are carrying the word of this alternative energy source all over the world.  

Here are a few ways in which this greener heating and cooling system are being utilized:
•    Nevada.  A very recent announcement by Enel Green Power North America indicates the intentions of creating the very first powerful hybrid energy plant that will combine geothermal energy alongside a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) facility.  By utilizing the renewable energy sources that are found in the ground and come from the sun, the company is reducing (or eliminating) its emissions and overall impact on the environment.

•    Lebanon.  On the other side of the world, decision-makers have been looking for a way to integrate greener energy into Lebanon's way of life.  Among several important factors, leaders were looking for a way to have minimal visual impact on the environment and heritage of the area.  Because geothermal power plants score low on the scale of visual and environmental impact, this became a very viable option for the area.  These systems also offer the Lebanese a way to become independent from foreign energy providers because the process takes place locally.
•    New England.  As the economy makes a recovery, home building and renovating is on the rise.  Eco-conscious consumers are taking care to integrate greener energy into their homes, which allows for a minimized impact on the environment and smaller heating and cooling costs in the long run.  Learn how geothermal systems work.

Companies like Skillings & Sons have been working to perfect the process of installing geothermal systems into residences.  The overall value of homes that operate on this type of energy source increases, whether the homeowner chooses to build a new system or replace their current system with 100% geothermal energy, or if they decide to create a hybrid system. Find out more about geothermal installation.

The team at Skillings & Sons is experienced in the installation of geothermal energy systems all over the Northeast. Contact us for an estimate on a new geothermal heating and cooling system.