Save Money and Get Faster Well Service With Our Rolling Warehouse

If you own a home with a residential water well or private residential water system, having a good relationship with a well service and water system company can ensure proper long-term care of the system and provide a little peace of mind if an emergency should arise.

Skillings & Sons prides itself in quality customer service. We have live operators on-call during business hours to answer your questions over the phone, and we provide emergency service 365 days a year. If you have no water or your basement is flooded, call us immediately at 1-800-441-6281.

Our years of experience have taught us that having the tools on-hand when making house calls helps us fix water system problems more quickly, saving customers time and money. Our fleet of repair trucks is fully stocked to service a wide variety of pumps and water systems, whether you need preventative maintenance or a quick repair. We are equipped to answer calls for flooded basements, broken water pumps, or if you aren’t even sure the cause of your water system problem. Each truck is like a service shop on the go, ready to travel throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Southern Maine.

Here are some of the common well water problems and questions we often get:

I need a new well: Whether it’s a new homeowner that needs to replace a failed well, or a long-time homeowner that is no longer getting the amount of water needed from their well, Skillings & Sons can consult with them about their well construction options, install the new well, or discuss other causes that could address their water problem without digging a new well.

I want more pressure or have low water pressure: We often get calls from homeowners who are frustrated with weak water flow, or find the shower turns to a trickle when someone turns on the faucet in the kitchen. Low water pressure has a number of causes and we can take the homeowner step by step through each possible cause to properly address the problem.

I have smelly water and/or staining on fixtures and clothing: New England is known for its large supply of clean water, but this water often contains naturally-occurring minerals and metals that can cause staining, crust on water fixtures and bad odors. Our staff can help you determine the cause of these problems with water testing and analysis, can advise you on your water treatment options, and even install the system you choose.

Is my water safe to drink? We advise all homeowners conduct an initial water quality test when moving in or after constructing a new well. Every well has its own chemistry and should be evaluated to determine if there are any problems. Our testing packages are analyzed by only state-certified labs and when the results come in, we will take the time to help you make sense of the results.

Skillings & Sons, Inc. has been a trusted name in well drilling in New England for more than 40 years. If you have a problem with your home well or water system, or would like to learn more about what we do and the services we offer, download our brochure or call 1-800-441-6281 to talk to us today.