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irrigation wells

  • One of Skillings and Sons own has been quoted in a regional newspaper talking about water restrictions.

    In a July 29th article of the Boston Globe, Roger Skillings spoke against putting water restrictions on homeowners who use wells. Mr. Skillings is the owner of Skillings and Sons as well as the former president of the Massachusetts Ground Water Association. 

  • Massachusetts homeowners know that water bans and the high cost of water bills can make having a beautiful green lawn and garden in the summer a challenge. If you have a lawn irrigation system, want to get one, or simply want to save money on your summer water bills, an irrigation well might be for you.

  • When considering a lawn sprinkler system or expanding landscaping to a new section of the yard, few people know how much an irrigation well can save homeowners money in the long term while protecting their landscaping investment.

  • Homeowners who use a significant amount of water outdoors, such as caring for a large garden or watering animals, often benefit from installing an irrigation well.

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