Testing Drinking Water for Contaminants

Drinking water is an important part of your family’s health.  Safe, contaminant free drinking water requires annual water testing. Without testing, you may be unaware of problems that cause illness and effect your quality of life. Water testing by a certified well water contractor or state-certified laboratory ensures proper testing methods are followed for accurate results. A homeowner who is comfortable collecting a sample for lab testing can pick up testing kits at the Skillings and Sons location in Amherst, NH. When taking a water sample and mailing it to a lab, It’s important to follow all the testing instructions exactly as requested. This includes removing aerators from the faucet you're taking the sample from. Following proper sampling procedures will ensure accurate results.

Water Chemistry

A water chemistry test should be completed before installing water filtration or remediation. It will include checks for pH (acidity), iron, manganese, hardness (calcium levels) chloride, sodium and total dissolved solids. The test is inexpensive and will help determine why water quality problems like color, taste, odor, water hardness, or staining due are evident.  These issues can be effectively treated with inexpensive whole house water filtration systems. 

Make annual testing, part of your Spring routine and ensure you test for bacteria and nitrates and test after well repairs are completed, hydrofracking takes place or if you’ve installed a new well. If you have small children, the nitrite testing is of particular importance. Your water should have less than 10 ppm of nitrate. Higher levels can put your child at risk for methemoglobinemia or “blue baby syndrome.”

Testing For Well Water Contaminants

Other potential contaminants you should test for include lead, pesticides, arsenic, fluoride, gasoline, MTBE and radon.  Keep in mind that just because you cannot taste, smell and see any obvious water problems, contaminants like arsenic are invisible and tasteless and can only be detected through testing by a certified testing lab. A professional will know of potential hazards you should need to be aware of and can offer the best filtration solutions for your specific conditions after viewing the test results.

 If your home uses a water well, testing and safety are your responsibility. Water testing is not difficult and it's an inexpensive way to ensure your family’s health and quality of life. Contact Skillings & Sons for water treatment today.