Water-Right Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Shopping for a home water treatment system isn’t something homeowners have to do very often, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the wide range of products. How can you tell which one is the best? At Skillings & Sons, we install and repair water treatment systems every day. We know the brands are consistent, high-quality and efficient, and which ones aren’t. Although there are a few quality brands of water treatment systems on the market today, we usually recommend a Water-Right Whole House Filtration System.

High-quality and American made water treatment

Water-Right is a Wisconsin-based company that makes their equipment and parts in the United States, and has earned a reputation for quality and innovative water treatment systems. Their systems tend to be more efficient, reducing the energy used to run and the waste water produced during the filtration process.

The Water-Right Impression Series treats a number of common water quality problems found in both well water and public water systems. It neutralizes acidic water, the cause of corrosive water that can damage pipes and appliances. It filters sediment than can cause your water to look cloudy and removes chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odors.

The Impression Series filters do this by running water through three separate filtration systems. The first is the “acid neutralizing filter” that self-adjusts its regeneration cycle based on household water consumption. The next is a combination of carbon and zeolite filters, which remove sulfur odors and tiny minerals. The final step is the “versatile filter” which gives the water a final treatment to remove certain odors, unpleasant tastes or contaminants that remain.

Another feature homeowners love is the advanced cycle sequencing. All Impression Series filters have electronic capabilities that allow homeowners to program each cycle, an especially useful tool for low-producing wells.


It’s not uncommon for homeowners to find more than one problem with their water after conducting a home water quality test. While the Impression Series and Impression Plus Series can both address more than one water quality issue, Water-Right has additional models to treat other problems, as well.

The Impression Series Air Sulfur & Air Iron, and the Impression Plus AirCat filters are very effective in removing hydrogen sulfide and iron. Both are common, naturally-occurring contaminants found in New England well water and can be very unpleasant. Iron stains your laundry, clogs valves and other plumbing parts and leaves an oily or “crusty” sheen on the surface of your water. Hydrogen sulfide creates a very strong rotten egg smell and taste that will tarnish silverware and utensils, and leave yellow and black stains on bathroom fixtures. We also like this model because it does not uses toxic chemicals, unlike other brands.


Another great feature of the Water-Right brand is that they are easy to repair. For instance, the Impression Plus® model features a top tank flange for easy servicing and offers weather covers for outdoor installations.

Water-Right is also non-proprietary, which means there are no restrictions on who can repair or install their products. Brands like Culligan and Kinetico are high-quality manufacturers, but these companies are proprietary, and all future service on the system must be done by technicians employed by those companies. We often talk to customers who don’t like this. They may have a good relationship with a plumber or well water expert and want to continue using their services. Some just want to be able to choose the company and technicians who maintain and repair their water treatment system. Purchasing a non-proprietary water filter or softener, like Water-Right, gives homeowners the option of buying a high-quality product without tying themselves to one company.

A water test is required to know just what type of water filtration is best for your home's well water. If you have questions about whole house filtration systems, would like to schedule a water test or need information on well contamination, please contact Skillings & Sons today to speak to one of our technicians.