Well Maintenance and Service Improves Safety and Quality of Life

Unlike a municipal water service, homeowners with water wells have the responsibility of testing and treating their water supply.  If you are purchasing a new home, testing the water well provides you information on the quality of the groundwater and informs you of expenses related to treatment and filtration that may be needed to keep your family safe. It's important to note that just because water tastes and smells normal it may not be safe. Contaminants such as arsenic are tasteless and odorless and remain undetected unless tested for. Water changes as it moves through the ground, picking up a variety of minerals and possible contaminants, turning to its composition over time.  Annual testing and maintenance is the only guarantee of safety. Signs that your well water may be contaminated are:

• Bad Odor – If your water smells like rotten eggs, it may be contaminated with sulfur. If it smells stale, it may contain bacteria that pose health hazards. 

• Poor Taste – If your well water tastes like chemicals, there may be pollutants in the water. If it tastes metallic there could be iron or manganese in your water. 

• Water Stains – Water that leaves brown stains is a sign of manganese or sulfate presence in the water. Green or blue stains are signs that your plumbing may be eroded or corroded. Red stains are caused by rust, and cloudy water is caused by turbidity. 

What To Avoid To Ensure A Safe Water Well

Contaminants enter well water through the soil that surrounds the well. Chemicals and contaminants placed on the ground near your well can seep into the ground water. You can avoid contaminating your well water by: 

• Keeping fertilizer away from your well. 

• Avoid using pesticides and herbicides near your well. 

• Keep road salt and snow piles that contain road salt away from your well in the winter. 

• Avoid using or pouring out any chemicals near your well. 

Prolonging The Life Of Your Well 

Proper well maintenance will extend the life of your well. Well water professionals such Skillings and Sons, Inc. can help remove well water of contaminants and unwanted minerals, which can corrode your well plumbing. They will schedule annual well inspection, educate you on protecting your groundwater supply, make sure your water is safe for consumption, and keep detailed records of your well maintenance and the work they've performed. 

When Drilling A New Well. 

Many homeowners are making the switch to a new well for water, because they like overseeing the quality their water and preventing the additives put in city water, such as fluoride and chlorine. Contact the professional well drillers at Skillings & Sons, LLC. to determine what type of well is right for your property, the size of well pump you will need, and the best water treatment for your ground