What Size Well Pump Do You Need

Use the right size well pump replacement

Use the right size well pump replacement

If you have a private well, your well system is critical for supplying of fresh clean water. This system consists of several components including plumbing to deliver the water, a well pump, to push or pull water and a pressure tank to store and distribute water throughout your home.

Your well pump is a critical component.  If the need arises to replace your well pump, research your options and give our technicians a call. Replacing your well pump can be as easy as installing an identical model,  use this opportunity to address any issues you may have regarding your family’s water needs, such as the well’s flow rate, and your home’s water pressure.

Before you shop around for well pumps, researching several key questions can make choosing the correct type and pump size easier.  Here are several questions to ask before simply replacing your pump with the same model.

What type of pump is currently installed?

If your pump sits above ground or in your basement, it is a jet pump. A jet pump draws water from the well into your pressure tank. It draws water from either one, or two lines coming from the well. If your well has a single line coming into your pressure tank, you have a submersible pump. This pump is installed deep underground near the bottom of your well and pushes water to the tank only running when needed.

What size is your current pump?

If you have a jet pump, check the horsepower rating on the side of the pump. If you have a submersible pump, you should have the documentation you received when you bought the home.
If you want a pump that runs less often, move up to the next larger size. It will last longer and provide more efficient power.
Both two and three wire submersible pumps are available. Three wire pumps require a separate control panel. A two-wire pump has the controls built into the unit. Be sure to check if your pump has two or three wires.

For a new install, you’ll need to know the well’s depth to water.

Check your well log. It should clearly list the depth to water. If you don’t have a log, you can determine the depth to water using a small fishing bobber on a string.  Lower the bobber into the well until you feel it floating, draw the string tight and mark at ground level. Then reel in the string and measure to the bobber.

As a general rule:
Choose your pump based on the well’s depth to water
1.  less than 25’ use a shallow jet pump
2.  25’ – 110’ use a deep well jet pump
3.  25’ – 400’, use a 4” submersible pump

How much water do you need?

A typical 3 or 4 bedroom home requires a flow rate of 8-12 GPM To estimate your needs, count the number of fixtures and appliances that use water. Remember to include, showers, outdoor spigots, toilets, and appliances. For estimating purposes each fixture=1 gallon of water.

If you have any further questions, call us, we are the well professionals for New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our technicians can help you choose the correct size and type of pump size, and give you an accurate estimate and do the installation. It’s a smart option. Your family’s health and well being relies on your well pump!