Skillings Fleet of Service Vehicles and Water Well Equipment

What do you do if you turn on the faucet and no water comes out? It can be an alarming scenario, especially if it happens on a weekend or holiday when most plumbers have taken the day off. If you get your water from a private well, the problems will likely require a well water specialist to properly fix it.

With more than 40 years of well drilling and water system experience, Skillings & Sons provides at-home emergency service 365 days a year. Our fleet of repair trucks is fully stocked to service a wide variety of equipment our staff can use to fix your water emergency, whether it’s a broken water pump or a flooded basement. Each truck is like a service shop on the go, ready to travel throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Southern Maine.

If you have no water or your basement is flooded, call us immediately at 1-800-441-6281.

Skillings & Sons also offers routine maintenance and non-emergency repairs. Our staff can recommend a maintenance schedule that will extend the life of your well water system and can help identify problems before they become an emergency.

Proper water system maintenance can be done by Skillings & Sons, but in some cases, homeowners may want to do general upkeep themselves. That’s why Skillings & Sons offers a wide range of filters and replacement cartridges, either onsite or through our online store. We stock a variety of brands, including Hydrotech, Big Blue and Adedge, and a range of models.

Water Well Pump System Installation And Repair

Skillings & Sons can help you determine the correct well pump replacement for your home water well needs, as well as repair existing well pumps that are performing below the standards. We recommend that you have your tank system serviced every 5 years to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Here are some of the things our technicians look for during a regular maintenance check:
    * The pressure switch is replaced and adjusted
    * A new pressure gauge is installed
    * The relief valve and the boiler drain are replaced
    * The storage tank is checked for proper air pressure
    * Well pump is checked for voltage, amperage & ohms to check performance
    * The integrity of the well cap will be checked

Water Quality Testing

We recommend water quality testing to all new homeowners or in homes where a well was recently installed. Of course, if you notice a sudden change in the appearance, taste or smell of your water, you should have your water tested immediately.

Skillings & Sons has a variety of test packages, which we can review with you to help you decide which one will best meet your needs. Testing packages are analyzed only by state-certified labs and when the results come in, we will take the time to help you make sense of the results.

Water Treatment System Installation And Repair

Have you noticed a funny odor coming from the faucet when you run the water, or do you find there is sediment building up on water fixtures? We get calls from customers about water quality issues every day.

Here are some of the common complaints:

  • Blue/Green staining on household fixtures
  • Brown/Black staining on household fixtures
  • Orange/brown staining laundry and on outside fixtures
  • Sediment build-up in faucets, shower heads and washing machines
  • Rotten-egg smell from one or more locations in the home
  • Calcium build up or a white powdery material on faucets and fixtures

Skillings & Sons can help homeowners determine the causes of these problems and review their water treatment options. In some cases, the correct treatment is based on the type and amount of contaminant in the water. Our staff has the expertise to analyze your water quality test and use that information to select the treatment option right for you. Contact us for all of your wtaer well service needs.