The Types of Residential Water Treatment Systems for Household Wells

In an effort to increase the safety of drinking water from residential wells there are a number of water treatment systems now widely available to homeowners. The type of treatment system you choose will depend upon the actual contaminants found in your local well water and your desired filtration setup. Test your well water annually to ensure you're treating the right contaminant with the right water treatment system.


One of the most popular water treatment systems in use today is water softening. That water coming into your home likely has large amounts of heavy minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. While you may not be able to see or taste these minerals if you have always lived with them, they can cause damage to appliances and leave hard deposits in your kitchen and bathrooms. Water softeners remove a significant amount of these trace minerals from the water which results in a cleaner taste and easier maintenance around the house.


Another common water treatment system is the Reverse Osmosis filter. Reverse Osmosis systems come in two varieties: whole home and point-of-use. They utilize a series of tightly woven membranes to remove solid contaminants from the water on demand. Whole home systems filter all of the water that comes in from outside, while point-of-use systems mount directly to your faucets. Point-of-use systems are a cost friendly option because water that will not be consumed generally does not need to undergo significant filtration.


Granulated activated carbon filtration is a system that has been used throughout the world for a very long time. Carbon can be used to effectively remove odors, bad tastes and even discoloration caused by lead, chlorine, arsenic and other dangerous chemicals in the local water supply. Whole home carbon systems can easily be installed for immediate results.


In addition to the large number of chemical and mineral contaminants that are present in the water supply, there is also reason to be concerned about bacterial organisms as well. If your water tests positive for living organisms, ultraviolet light can be used to kill the bacteria and filter it out before it reaches your tap.

In order to determine which water treatment system will best fit your home, it is a good idea to start with a consultation with a water expert at Skillings & Sons. Our local water treatment professionals can conduct a thorough well water test to show you the overall quality of your water and identify whether you have minerals, chemicals or bacteria present that need to be treated. The right filtration system will be custom fit to your well water system and your water, as opposed to the general store brand filters. No matter what the condition of your water is, they can make it safe and easy for you keep your water clean with minimal system maintenance.