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  • Pesticides are used for a variety of purposes in both suburban and rural communities. Surface water runoff can carry pesticides from agricultural fields, golf courses and park into lakes, streams and groundwater. Improperly disposed pesticides can also flow into water sources. Rain and snow can further expand the contamination into snow. These pesticides can end up in groundwater, especially if the well is near a location where pesticides are regularly used.

  • Your home’s water supply is a vital component of your family’s health and well-being. Water treatment systems come in many different varieties and can either treat your whole water system (point of entry of POE) or point of consumption (Point of use or POU).

Water well treatment and maintenance services, including water filtration systems, filters, water softeners and water purifiers at your home or business keep the water you drink, bathe or cook with clean, safe, and healthy. When treating city or well water in NH and MA, the goal at Skillings & Sons is to eliminate odors, staining, sediment or potentially harmful contaminants.