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  • Water filtration systems can vastly improve the quality of a home’s water supply, but they are not one-size-fits-all. The type of system needed depends on the type of well from which the home draws water, the kind of contaminants are present, how much of that contaminant is present and how much-treated water will be used by the homeowners.

  • No one wants to see strange floating particles in their water or a mysterious sediment at the bottom of their glass, but we sometimes get calls from customers who have found particles in their water and want to get them out.
    Particles floating in a glass of water can be unpleasant, but these issues are usually not harmful to your health and are merely aesthetic.

  • If you live in New Hampshire and your home’s water comes from a private well, there may be iron or manganese in your drinking water. Both of these minerals occur naturally in the soil, often dissolving into groundwater as acidic rainfall trickles through the soil and rock. Iron or manganese cause staining on your laundry and water fixtures, gives your water a metallic or sulfur taste, clogs strainers, valves or other plumbing parts, or can leave an oily or “crusty” sheen to the surface of your water.

  • Forty years ago, cities around the country began looking for ways to reduce air pollution and smog caused by vehicle traffic. One solution was MTBE, or methyl tertiary butyl ether, a colorless liquid added to gasoline across the country to make the fuel burn more efficiently. While this additive was effective in reducing air pollution, it quickly found its way into water across the region, prompting some states to ban MTBE altogether. MTBE has been found in the ground water of nearly every state and has contaminated about 20% of wells in New England.

Water well treatment and maintenance services, including water filtration systems, filters, water softeners and water purifiers at your home or business keep the water you drink, bathe or cook with clean, safe, and healthy. When treating city or well water in NH and MA, the goal at Skillings & Sons is to eliminate odors, staining, sediment or potentially harmful contaminants.