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  • Shopping for a home water treatment system isn’t something homeowners have to do very often, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the wide range of products. How can you tell which one is the best? At Skillings & Sons, we install and repair water treatment systems every day. We know the brands are consistent, high-quality and efficient, and which ones aren’t. Although there are a few quality brands of water treatment systems on the market today, we usually recommend a Water-Right Whole House Filtration System.

  • Whether you drink bottled water every day or occasionally on the go, you may be surprised to learn that you’re spending far money on that water then it’s worth, and that bottle is taking its toll on the environment.

  • Beryllium is a metallic element that can dissolve into water. It occurs naturally in New Hampshire’s bedrock and as a result, can be found in water drawn from bedrock wells. Beryllium has no taste, color or odor, so the only way to determine if it is in your drinking water is to test it in a laboratory. Beryllium was added to the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of contaminants in 1994 under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Therefore the information about its presence and effects in New Hampshire are limited.

Water well treatment and maintenance services, including water filtration systems, filters, water softeners and water purifiers at your home or business keep the water you drink, bathe or cook with clean, safe, and healthy. When treating city or well water in NH and MA, the goal at Skillings & Sons is to eliminate odors, staining, sediment or potentially harmful contaminants.