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Homes that draw water from a private well get the benefits of low-cost, fresh and clean water. But with this benefit also comes the responsibility of fixing any problems that arise with the well water system. Occasionally, homeowners will turn on the faucet to find there’s no water coming out, or that the water spits and sputters. While there can be many causes of a no-water emergency, one place to start troubleshooting is the well pump.

What's worse than rotten egg smell when you reach for a glass of water?

When your water has a bad odor or taste, it can be hard to ignore, especially when that smell is as noxious as that rotten egg smell.
This unpleasant smell is caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2s) in your water. It is not harmful to your health, but hydrogen sulfide can make your water corrosive, which means it can damage a home’s metal plumbing elements, like copper, iron or steel pipes. It can tarnish silverware, copper and brass utensils, as well as leave yellow or black stains on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Warmer spring weather is melting all that snow, but with melting snow also comes soggy soil and wet basements. Wet basements are common during spring rain storms and are little more than a minor nuisance for many thanks to their sump pump.