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High-quality groundwater delivered to your home from a water well is a cool, refreshing gift that is often just taken for granted.


However, there can be a variety of contaminants that make the water taste or smell bad and occasionally make you acutely sick. Some can even cause long-term health problems. With the right filtering system, contaminants in groundwater can be removed, and all you get is the great tasting sip and the assurance that your family is safe from harm.

If you're considering a water filtration system or water softener for your home, you may feel like you have a million questions. Water well professional can provide you in-depth answers, but here are seven of the most frequently asked questions homeowners have about water filters.

In an effort to increase the safety of drinking water from residential wells there are a number of water treatment systems now widely available to homeowners. The type of treatment system you choose will depend upon the actual contaminants found in your local well water and your desired filtration setup. Test your well water annually to ensure you're treating the right contaminant with the right water treatment system.

Sometimes in life, it is the little things that make all the difference.

It is true when adding spices to chili and also true with a small part of your well water system. The well cap - that part that covers the well casing which is sticking out of the ground – plays a vital role in keeping your family and you safe from contaminants in your water.

Depending on the depth of your well and its age, you may be surprised to find that localized drought conditions can have an impact on your ability to get water. While it is common for water levels to fluctuate mildly between rainy seasons and dry seasons, most wells are placed at a depth that accounts for this action. A lengthy period of drought can reduce the level of water in your well beyond the level of your pump, making it impossible to get water.