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One of Skillings and Sons own has been quoted in a regional newspaper talking about water restrictions.

In a July 29th article of the Boston Globe, Roger Skillings spoke against putting water restrictions on homeowners who use wells. Mr. Skillings is the owner of Skillings and Sons as well as the former president of the Massachusetts Ground Water Association. 

The term “fracking” has been in the news a lot lately, with people discussing the pros and cons of using hydraulic fracturing when drilling for natural gas. What few people know is that a completely different kind of fracking is being used to improve home water supply flow. If your water pressure has diminished or your well runs out of water, it may be a good candidate for hydrofracking.

Annual Testing of Your Well Water will Inform You of Contaminants

Clean drinking water is something most people take for granted in New England. The region has some of the cleanest sources of water in the world, but contaminants, both naturally occurring and man-made, can find their way into water supplies.

Because they’re underground, geothermal heat pumps aren’t as noticeable as say, wind turbines and solar panels, and they just don’t get the attention other alternative energy processes get. Skillings & Sons, however, has been giving geothermal heat pump technology quite a bit of attention over the years and can show by their satisfied customers that the process is cost-effective, energy efficient and ecologically friendly.