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New England residents decades ago relied on wells for the water they used in their homes and on the farm. In rural towns today, an estimated 90 percent of residents still depend on private wells for their water needs. As farms and other properties have been developed over the years, some of the older wells once used for water were abandoned for more modern wells, and some were even forgotten. If you know there is an old well on your property, or have discovered something you think might be an old well, it is important to call a licensed well professional to ensure it is properly sealed.

If you receive your water from a private well, you’re ultimately responsible for your family’s water quality. While there are many organic and inorganic contaminants that are both naturally occurring and manmade, most can be easily detected through water analysis, some do not impact water quality, and almost all can be dealt with through some form of water treatment.

As a homeowner, your well is probably the most important asset you own. Your health and your family’s wellbeing rely on your well providing safe, high-quality drinking water. If you own a private well, you are responsible for scheduling periodic water testing and treating for any problems that water testing may uncover.