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One of the benefits of installing a geothermal heat pump system in a new or existing home is that most of the equipment and installation costs are eligible for a federal tax credit. The Residential Energy-Efficient Property Credit, sometimes referred to as the § 25D credit, was enacted in 2009 to lessen the costs of installation of energy efficient units.

Nobody wants Brown Drinking Water! Iron and Manganese Contamination

Iron and manganese are metals that are commonly found in well water in New England. The good news is that their are water treament options. They are naturally occurring in the soil and are washed into drinking water from rain and surface water run-off that seeps through the ground. You do not have to live with contaminated water.

New England residents decades ago relied on wells for the water they used in their homes and on the farm. In rural towns today, an estimated 90 percent of residents still depend on private wells for their water needs. As farms and other properties have been developed over the years, some of the older wells once used for water were abandoned for more modern wells, and some were even forgotten. If you know there is an old well on your property, or have discovered something you think might be an old well, it is important to call a licensed well professional to ensure it is properly sealed.