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Drilling a well for your home is one of the most important decisions you as a homeowner will have to make. The well will supply water for drinking, bathing and washing your clothes for years to come. Making sure the well is properly installed at the correct depth and tested accurately for water quality are keys to ensuring a long life for your well.

Bacteria contamination can indicate a serious problem with your well water system, so proper testing techniques are important to properly identify the problem. Here we’ll review the common causes of bacteria contamination and provide tips on how to get the most accurate results on your water test.

When considering a lawn sprinkler system or expanding landscaping to a new section of the yard, few people know how much an irrigation well can save homeowners money in the long term while protecting their landscaping investment.

Do you have difficulties with the water quality in your home? Does your tap water taste strange, or have a bad odor? Some of your household fixtures may have blue and green or brown and black staining or orange and brown staining in your laundry. Some homes deal with a rotten-egg smell from water sources, or sediment and calcium build up on faucets and fixtures. Water treatment is the solution to water quality problems.