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When considering a lawn sprinkler system or expanding landscaping to a new section of the yard, few people know how much an irrigation well can save homeowners money in the long term while protecting their landscaping investment.

Do you have difficulties with the water quality in your home? Does your tap water taste strange, or have a bad odor? Some of your household fixtures may have blue and green or brown and black staining or orange and brown staining in your laundry. Some homes deal with a rotten-egg smell from water sources, or sediment and calcium build up on faucets and fixtures. Water treatment is the solution to water quality problems.

One of the benefits of installing a geothermal heat pump system in a new or existing home is that most of the equipment and installation costs are eligible for a federal tax credit. The Residential Energy-Efficient Property Credit, sometimes referred to as the § 25D credit, was enacted in 2009 to lessen the costs of installation of energy efficient units.

Nobody wants Brown Drinking Water! Iron and Manganese Contamination

Iron and manganese are metals that are commonly found in well water in New England. The good news is that their are water treament options. They are naturally occurring in the soil and are washed into drinking water from rain and surface water run-off that seeps through the ground. You do not have to live with contaminated water.