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Low water pressure is a common problem for homeowners with a well, but it’s not a problem they have to put up with. There are many reasons for low water pressure; some can be resolved with a simple, low-cost fix, while others require significant work and money. The professionals at Skillings & Sons are experts at troubleshooting the causes of low water pressure. If you know for sure that low pressure is the problem, there are some easy fixes you can do to get the water flowing better.

A total coliform bacteria test is used to determine the amount of biological contaminants in drinking water. It is easy to perform, inexpensive and should be done at regular intervals for water supplies at risk of contamination. Unlike chemical contaminants that pose a health risk over time, one glass of water containing just a few disease organisms, like E. coli or fecal coliform, can cause illness.

Today, certified well contractors offer a myriad of treatment options designed for families who receive water from an independent well. Along with filtration and distillation, ultraviolet water treatment technology is available that can effectively treat your entire water supply.  This point of entry system is specifically designed to treat drinking water and help prevent common bacterial contamination and is an excellent cost effective alternative to replacement of your entire system.

Massachusetts homeowners know that water bans and the high cost of water bills can make having a beautiful green lawn and garden in the summer a challenge. If you have a lawn irrigation system, want to get one, or simply want to save money on your summer water bills, an irrigation well might be for you.

Flooding in your basements will not only damage valuable items, it can also destroy flooring and furniture in finished basements, lead to structural damage in your home and cause mold infestations that are difficult to remove. Basement flooding isn’t always the result of a heavy rain. Flooding can also result from leaks and malfunctions in your home’s water system, especially for homeowners with a basement and water well. Fixing the long list of problems that can come from even an inch of water in your basement can cost homeowners thousands of dollars.