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For many people in New England, their water is perfectly safe to drink. But for some who draw their water from a well, there may be some naturally-occurring contaminants that should be removed. A release issued by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services in 2014 warned that up to 80,000 residents in Hillsborough, Rockingham and Strafford counties might have unhealthy levels of one or more toxic metals in their drinking water. This includes contaminants like arsenic and radon which have known adverse health effects.

There is a common misconception that using geothermal energy to heat your home is only applicable in places where volcanic lava flows beneath the earth's surface. Ground water heat pumps can be used to tap the piles of earth's energy to heat water anywhere. With the cold winters here in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, residential geothermal is an obvious heat source.

When buying a heating system for your home, you want a product that’s high-quality, efficient and if it runs on clean energy, all the better. But when it comes down to it, one of the biggest factors in choosing a home heating system is cost.

People who choose a geothermal heating system are often doing it for more than just the cost savings. These efficient systems will eliminate your fuel costs and cut your electricity bill, but it’s the clean, green energy geothermal heating systems provide that adds to the appeal.